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 Ngāti Mākino Iwi Authority


Nga Uri o Makino

In 2011 Ngati Makino achieved an agreement on the settlement of its claim under Te Tiriti o Waitangi. In ratifying the settlement, iwi members agreed to form a new Post-Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE) to plan, direct and oversee the use of the assets to be received under the settlement for the benefit of Ngati Makino.

The approved PSGE requires the formation of a new governance Trust, the Ngati Makino Iwi Authority. Once the Crown has passed legislation to confirm the settlement, the Iwi Authority will head a group of companies and a trust that will each have a special role in restoring the mana and fortunes of Ngati Makino.

Our Structure

The Iwi Authority is the governing body of the Group, responsible for:

  • representing the interests of Members

  • advocacy with local, regional and central government, agencies and other organisations

  • strategic oversight of Ngati Makino’s settlement assets and interests

The Ngati Makino Assets Limited will be responsible, under the Iwi Authority Trust Deed, for managing the Authority’s assets that are of a commercial nature, on a prudent, commercial and profitable basis, undertaking“all commercial activities of Ngati Makino Iwi Authority, either itself or through any subsidiary established for that purpose, on behalf of and solely for the benefit of Ngati Makino Iwi Authority”.

The land holding company will be responsible under the terms of the Trust Deed for managing and administering lands that the Ngati Makino Iwi Authority allocates to it. The company must manage those lands “on a prudent and commercial basis through either itself or through any subsidiary established for that purpose, on behalf of and for the benefit of Ngati Makino”

Ngati Makino Sign Deed of Settlement 

2 April 2011

Ehara taku toa, i te toa taki tahi, Kātahi ko taku toa he toa taki tini ā Mākino.

Toitū te mana, Toitū te whenua, Toitū te Tangata, Toi tū te Mākinotanga

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