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 Ngāti Mākino Iwi Authority

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    • 8 Jul 2019
    • 25 Oct 2019
    • NA

    Tēnā koutou Ngāti Mākino

    Ngāti Mākino Iwi Authority are undertaking a system upgrade regarding our Iwi Register.

    We are upgrading the system as this Financial Year we are conducting a number of digital Iwi surveys and want to achieve as wide a coverage as possible.  

    We are therefore inviting all of our members not currently on the digital register to provide their email and phone contact details so that we can update our Iwi Membership Register.

    The advantage of digital membership apart from having a say in the survey, is getting notice of Ngāti Mākino events and easy registration for those events.

    An ‘event’ has been created that you can respond to with your membership number, name and contact details (in particular you must give us an email contact).

    We anticipate that this exercise will improve the effectiveness of our surveys and the efficiency and accuracy of our Iwi Membership Register.

    Please update your details now.

    If you know other Iwi members who are not active on Facebook or do not visit our website please invite them to participate also.

    Mauri ora

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Ehara taku toa, i te toa taki tahi, Kātahi ko taku toa he toa taki tini ā Mākino.

Toitū te mana, Toitū te whenua, Toitū te Tangata, Toi tū te Mākinotanga

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