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 Ngāti Mākino Iwi Authority

Kia Mākino E! Symposium

6 Oct 2017 11:21 AM | Anonymous

Ngā Rangahau A Mākino having been launched in November 2016 hosted the first research symposium in March titled Kia Mākino E! The symposium brought together the Mākino Model (worldview biased holistic mauri assessment) with CBONS, an initiative pioneered by leading researchers from the United States including President’s Professor Lillian Na’la Alessa, International Liaison and Program Lead CBONS-SA.

Researchers from various organisations including NIWA, Atawhai Whenua and Toi Ohomai attended the symposium held at Otamarakau. The combined research initiatives have the potential to create a new synergy that can produce high fidelity information regarding changes occurring in the ecosystem that inform a comprehensive analysis capable of reflecting different worldview perspectives. Those present were excited by the possibilities that the combined approaches introduced.

Further collaboration is planned for 2017 with a follow-up meeting and research funding proposals to be prepared for submission in late September.

Photo caption:  President’s Professor Lil and Dr Anaru Kliskey demonstrate the CBONS data capture system outside Ruapotango wharekai at Otamarakau.

Photo caption 2:  Participants contribute to discussion on the potential for mauri based assessments and the relevance of the CBONS data management system.

Ngā Rangahau Ō Mākino was launched at the 2016 AGM and is developing a long-term focus so that we can learn from the work being done. We already have a strong reputation resulting from work done by the Ngāti Mākino Heritage Trust. We want to know about the integrity of our resources and their availability. We have ocean opportunities (Ki Tai), fresh water and land opportunities (Ki Uta). We are going to use mauri to understand these opportunities rather than just money.

So we need to understand how we will measure mauri. The Mākino Model explains the mauri of our lands and waters, focused on impacts and monitoring. Ngāti Mākino Heritage Trust make submissions to many council documents. The common thread is mauri. A Mākino Model wānanga for the board and our koeke, allowing discussion and debate before the Mākino Model was shared with those attending the Mākino Model / CBONS wānanga on 21st and 2nd March.      

Photo caption 3:  The Kia Makino E! symposium flyer

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